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Keep your trees away from power lines

Trees can be a major hazard

If your trees aren’t regularly maintained and grow too close to power lines, this can be a major hazard.

  • Vegetation that comes into contact with power lines can cause power surges, power outages and fire
  • If a tree is in contact with power lines, stay clear and call us
  • In high winds and storms, falling trees and branches can break lines and cause power cuts
  • Trees or vegetation too close to lines increases the fire risk, especially in hot, dry, and windy weather

Who is responsible for keeping trees clear of power lines?

If you own the land that a tree is growing on, it is generally your responsibility to ensure that vegetation is kept away from power lines.

If trees are too close to lines...

We’re out and about everyday checking the safety of the 5,500km of our power lines, but your real time ‘eyes on the ground’ can help us with that.

Please call us if you see trees or vegetation growing too close to the lines so we can come to inspect it and act if necessary.

Do not try to trim trees that have grown within 4m of power lines

Only approved contractors should go within 4m of power lines.

If you see a tree too close to power lines, please call us so we can come to inspect it and act if necessary.

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