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Northpower provides contracting services across the North Island including engineering, infrastructure management and maintenance and construction.

Trees and vegetation

Trees and vegetation close to our lines

Most of the power outages you will face in your business are caused by trees and vegetation, both locally and across the whole network.

We undertake regular tree surveys to ensure that the area close to the lines is clear but we also ask you as connected business customers, to help us keep an eye on things, as we have a lot of lines to keep across. In instances where trees or vegetation are getting close to the lines, we will notify you. It’s important to know that maintaining trees and managing vegetation growth on your commercial property is your responsibility. The good news is our team of arborists and approved contractors can assist.

Learn more about your responsibilities and who to contact when your trees are growing close to the electricity lines.

We're committed to keeping you and your people safe around trees and power lines

You are also responsible for keeping any trees trimmed to ensure they are at least four metres from any power lines.

It’s very important that you do not attempt to trim any trees or vegetation within four metres of power lines yourself – only our trained arborists or an approved contractor can do it because of the danger of electrocution.

Find out more about pruning vegetation if it’s closer than four metres of lines.

Who is responsible for service lines?

If trees around your commercial buildings are near, or beneath, power lines, this image below shows where you are responsible for managing and maintaining your trees, and where we are responsible.

Doing some planting on your property? We can help.

Here’s a helpful guide of recommended shrubs and small trees suitable for growing under or near power lines.

The plants on this list have a mature height in Northland of between 2.5 and 4 metres and grow to suitable heights around power lines or are lightly branched and easily trimmed when they grow bigger.

Along with this list, many more trees and shrubs can be successfully maintained at a height that won’t interfere with power lines simply by regular, appropriate pruning.

For further suggestions, or to view these plants, contact your local garden centre.

Even though the trees listed are considered suitable for planting near power lines, please remember it’s the tree owner who is responsible for maintaining trees at a safe distance from the lines.

Forestry harvesting request

Every harvesting operation close to electrical lines must be carefully planned, a site assessment undertaken, all hazards identified and an Electrical Hazard Management Plan
prepared by the operator detailing how it will address these hazards.

Please download and submit this form if you’re undertaking harvestry work.

Forestry harvest form

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