Contracting Capabilities

Northpower provides contracting services across the North Island including engineering, infrastructure management and maintenance and construction.

Playing a crucial role in asset inspections

Completion date: June 2023
Project partners: Transpower

Detecting damage with drone technology

Northpower plays a crucial role in the routine asset inspection process as part of the Transpower RSC2 and RPAS contracts we are engaged for. A portion of this contract sees us heavily involved in conductor and transmission lines inspections.

We regularly employ our innovative drone technology to detect damage that may not be easily visible from the ground. Our drone technology can assist in, identifying any signs of damage or deterioration along the conductors. Damage can result from a number of causes, including lightning strikes, gunshot impacts, corrosion, and construction-related issues.

Once the severity of the damage is determined, appropriate repair methods are then employed, ranging from ‘repair rods’ for minor damage, through cutting out and replacing affected sections when there is significant damage.

For minor damage repair, helicopters and human underslung procedures are employed to efficiently install repair rods. This approach ensures that repairs are carried out swiftly and effectively, minimising downtime and ensuring the integrity of the transmission lines.

During a recent inspection in June 2023, we successfully repaired minor damage on the HAI-TRK-A line, playing a vital role in safeguarding critical infrastructure and delivering reliable electricity supply to communities across Aotearoa New Zealand.