Contracting Capabilities

Northpower provides contracting services across the North Island including engineering, infrastructure management and maintenance and construction.

Transmission 11kV line build for Contact Energy new geothermal plant

Location: Tāupo
Start date: early 2021
Completion date: Q3 2024
Key people involved: Jared Fowler, Jaco Muller
Project partners: Transpower, Contact Energy, Beca, Edison, Connell Contractors, any others?

Our challenge

Northpower played a pivotal role in the successful completion of Transpower’s Tauhara project, aimed at constructing a new 220kV Grid Injection Point (GIP) for Contact Energy’s Tauhara Geothermal Power Station near Lake Taupō. We were awarded the contract to help construct the new 220kV GIP, working alongside several other companies to deliver the project.

The Tauhara project is vital to Aotearoa New Zealand’s entire energy network, providing sustainable energy that will contribute around 3.5% of the country’s electricity needs and power approximately 200,000 homes, while significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Key partners

We worked alongside other key subcontractors such as Beca, Edison, and Connell Contractors, demonstrating a high level of trust and collaboration which became critical when faced with finding innovative solutions to a number of challenges throughout the project.

In the face of adverse weather conditions, unexpected conductor damage and supply chain delays, our team focused on working together to find effective solutions without compromising safety.

The project scope encompassed diverse tasks including substation construction, tower modifications, earth wire installation and grid connections. Our involvement ranged from installation and commissioning of 220kV switchyard equipment to fitting out relay/control buildings and providing ancillary systems and services.

Completing the project

The project was completed in stages, starting with pre-outage works to grid and generator connections. Each stage required detailed planning and coordination to ensure safe delivery and to meet project timelines. Throughout the project, we collaborated with various subcontractors, including Advanced Flight, Heli A1, Anderson Civil, Emmets, Evotek, Hickey Electrical, Electrix, Pollocks Cranes, Wormald, and Spiral Drillers, highlighting the strong network of contract partnerships involved in the project’s success.

In addition to the primary project scope, we were also engaged to provide services to Unison Contracting Services Limited (USCL) for the 11kV line build at Contact Energy’s Tauhara geothermal power station, further contributing to the project’s goal of enabling sustainable energy solutions.

Transpower’s Tauhara project is an excellent example of effective collaboration across many contracting companies to deliver a successful outcome that marks a significant milestone in New Zealand’s clean energy transition.