Contracting Capabilities

Northpower provides contracting services across the North Island including engineering, infrastructure management and maintenance and construction.

Our electricity network

Northpower owns, operates and maintains both the electricity and fibre networks in Whangarei and Kaipara

We’re an electricity distribution company, which means we carry electricity from local substations across our lines network to homes and businesses 365 days per year, 24 hours round the clock. Here at Northpower we work together as a family to ensure our customers’ critical electricity infrastructure is always on.

We’re an extended network of interconnected people that build, manage, evolve and re-invent the technology networks that people have come to rely on.


kilometres of high voltage line and cables


power poles


connected customers

The history of our network

Our network was originally built in the 1950’s so it’s aging at the same time we’re experiencing increasing demand. We’re constantly looking to the future and planning now for how our network will be used, so we can cater for demand. This includes building in capacity for ever changing energy environments and technical innovations – like electric vehicles.

We’re continually shaping our networks to provide safe, reliable electricity and communications infrastructure both now and for future generations. However, it’s also costing more to keep our network running than ever before. Building our future networks will have an impact on the cost of electricity. Learn more here about electricity pricing.

We continue to invest in our network through upgrading, replacing and refurbishing assets. We have a planned spend of $12,5 million in the current year to invest in network maintenance and key new infrastructure projects. You can be confident that we’re investing wisely for the energy future of Northland.

Alternative energy generation

Alternative energy generation – such as solar and wind power are also increasingly popular options. There’s a detailed process for connecting any system to our network because we have to consider things like electrical safety and compliance, our network capacity to handle excess electricity coming into it, along with any adverse effects from a new connection that could interrupt the electricity supply.

What's involved in running the Northpower network?

There’s a lot that goes into running an electricity network and making sure that power is always there when you flick the switch. To ensure the reliable delivery of power we:

  • Schedule and perform everyday network maintenance
  • Carry out repairs to the network 24/7 after storm events to get the power back as soon as possible
  • Continually renovate, refurbish and upgrade aging network infrastructure so it’s fit for purpose
  • Construct new substations to handle network load
  • Upgrade the network and customer’s connections to meet ever changing needs across many varied locations
  • Plan for future to ensure we’ll have the infrastructure in place to cater for rapidly changing technological advancements.

Giving back to our community

The investment we’re making in Northland’s electricity and communications infrastructure demonstrates our commitment to the community that we’ve been a part of since the 1920’s.

We directly give back to our community through our sponsorship programmes and the almost $100 million we’ve returned to customers since 1993 via the annual dividend paid from the Northpower Trust. Learn more about Northpower’s involvement in our local community.