Contracting Capabilities

Northpower provides contracting services across the North Island including engineering, infrastructure management and maintenance and construction.

Planning to build?

Planning to build and need a fibre connection?

Whether you’re a homeowner, electrician, builder, landlord or developer planning to build and want to incorporate an ultra-fast fibre broadband connection into your plans, we can help with a free internal pre-wire service.

What is a pre-wire?

The best time to ensure your home is ready for Northpower Fibre is during initial construction or when doing renovations.

This is where you can pre-wire fibre optics into your new or renovated building, enabling us to install fibre cables at the same time as the electrician does their wiring. This helps prevent any disruption to the property’s aesthetics once construction is finished.

Not only does this ensure convenience but also futureproofs your property for the long-term.

Get underway with our free internal pre-wire service!

We offer a free internal pre-wire service to get your place fibre ready.

Ideally, we aim to commence the internal prewire process simultaneously with your electrician’s prewire process – before you are at the lining and painting stage.

We also supply fibre duct to be laid in the open services trench before house construction begins.

How can I schedule a pre-wire?

To schedule a pre-wire, please email us at including the following details:

  • site contact details
  • address
  • lot number
  • your preferred fibre ONT box (Optical network terminal) location inside the premises (E.g. comms hub in garage or behind tv area in lounge)
  • how many meters of fibre duct is required for the service trench length

Need further help?

If you need further information or assistance please get in touch with our friendly team.