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Northpower provides contracting services across the North Island including engineering, infrastructure management and maintenance and construction.

Drone technology transforms fibre installation in Tamaterau

Northpower Fibre is committed to continuous improvement through the use of innovative technologies. 

Recently, Ari Welsh, one of our skilled Foreperson G & B Line Mechanics, recognized a remarkable opportunity to utilize new drone technology in the installation of Fibre in the Tamaterau region. 

Pushing the potential of new technology

Unlike the majority of the Fibre network, which is typically installed alongside roadways, Tamaterau presented a unique challenge with its numerous hills and valleys.

Traditionally, installing Fibre in such terrain would have entailed arduous labor and work on private properties and reserves.

However, recognizing the potential of drone technology, Ari Welsh and the team reached out to Gareth Caine from Look LTD and enlisted the services of his DJI Matrice 300 drone, equipped with the H20T Thermal and zoom camera.

The team leveraged the capabilities of the drone to thoroughly map out the area and string aerial fibre from one pole to another.

This enabled our trucks to safely and efficiently pull the Fibre across, significantly reducing invasiveness and benefiting the environment.

The utilization of this cutting-edge drone technology not only allowed our teams to work more effectively and efficiently but also ensured their safety. By embracing this innovative approach, we achieved improved productivity and a reduced risk of incidents, emphasizing our commitment to delivering exceptional service and staying safe.

With a focus on innovation and the pursuit of new advancements, Northpower Fibre remains dedicated to enhancing our operations and providing superior solutions for our customers.