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Northpower provides contracting services across the North Island including engineering, infrastructure management and maintenance and construction.

Our future

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The world is changing at pace as we tackle climate change, embrace new technologies, and respond to an evolving energy market.

Aotearoa New Zealand’s energy system is going through a period of rapid change as we move to achieve our low carbon goals through the adoption of new technologies in the energy sector and the electrification of transport systems.

Community is at our core

At Northpower we are stepping up to the challenge and responding to these needs.  We care about our customers, are dedicated to making sure that they have networks they can rely on – now and in the future.

Our ambition is to double the impact. It’s an ambitious goal that our team is capable of reaching.

As one of Aotearoa’s largest electricity and fibre networks and intergenerational multi-utility providers, we play a significant role in enabling positive economic, social and financial outcomes for Northlanders and New Zealanders.

We connect communities, through our investment in infrastructure and responding to the changing needs of our customers. We have enabled fibre connectively and are unlocking the value of renewables across the region. We are building the infrastructure required to meet Aotearoa New Zealand’s sustainable energy future.

We build futures – for people who work at Northpower and the communities we serve. We are building a workforce, both trade and professional, to design and build the energy sector at scale, to deliver the country’s energy transition.

For Northland – we are 100% owned by our Northland customers. When we thrive, Northland thrives. We bring value to the community by earning a commercial return and injecting this back into Northland. Our customers are proud to be connected to Northpower’s networks and are delighted with the value we bring to the region.

Knowing what we stand for helps us stay on track. It reminds us why we do what we do, who we are doing it for, and what it means for each of us.

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Northpower is a key player in Aotearoa New Zealand’s energy sector. Find out more and discover the career opportunities on offer.