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Medically dependent advice

What to do if you're medically dependent on electricity

Have a plan

We recommend you have a plan in case of an unplanned power outage including:

  • a backup power supply (generator or batteries) to get you through the power outage
  • an emergency contact that you can call or message if you’re without power, so they can check on you or help
  • a backup person that can check on you if your emergency contact is unavailable, like a neighbour
  • a plan to get to a hospital or to a GP if needed


If you have serious concerns for your health or wellbeing, call 111.

Advise your energy retailer

If you’re medically dependent on power, you should inform your energy retailer as soon as possible (the company you pay your power bill to).

You can get a Notice of Potential Medically Dependent Consumer Status from your GP, hospital or Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora to show your power retailer.

More information

For more information visit:

Citizen’s Advice Bureau

The Electricity Authority’s consumer care and medically dependent advice


If you have any concerns or need further information, please contact us.