Contracting Capabilities

Northpower provides contracting services across the North Island including engineering, infrastructure management and maintenance and construction.

Northpower's frequently asked questions

Here's some of the questions most commonly asked by our customers...

Who should I contact if I have no hot water?

Before you call an electrician or plumber, call Northpower Faults first as we may be able to identify the problem on the phone.

If there’s a Northpower fault affecting your hot water supply, we’ll repair it for free.

Before you call, please check:

  • is the switch on?
  • is the circuit breaker or fuse okay?
  • is water leaking out of the overflow or tap?


If the power has been off for several hours and you’ve been using hot water, the cylinder will need several hours to reheat again.


How do I get the power turned on at my house or property?

You‘ll need to sign up with an energy retailer to have your power switched on. If you’re needing a brand-new connection, you’ll need to complete an application with us.

You can find further information about this in our electricity connections section.


What’s the difference between the energy/electricity retailers and Northpower?

Northpower is an electricity distribution company. We own, build and maintain the network of power lines in Whangārei and Kaipara that the power travels to your property along.

We don’t sell electricity – this is done by retailers, who you will pay a power bill to. A portion of what you pay to the retailer is then paid to us for the use of our power lines.


Who do I contact if I have a query about my power bill?

Northpower maintains the electricity network, but we don’t sell electricity. This is done by your energy retailer – the company you signed up with to buy your electricity from.

You’ll need to contact them directly via the contact details found on your power bill.


How do I know if I’m getting the best deal on my electricity?

To compare different electricity retailers, you can visit Consumer New Zealand’s Powerswitch website which helps you compare costs for the different electricity companies in your area, based on your average power use habits.


Who do contact if I have a query about my electricity meter?

Electricity meters are generally extremely reliable and accurate. However, if you believe there’s an issue with your electricity meter, please contact your energy retailer as they own and manage the meters.


How do I reduce my power usage?

We’ve got some great tips on reducing and using your power more effectively here.


Can you fix a streetlight that isn’t working?

Streetlight maintenance and repair is done by your local council. Please contact either Whangārei District Council or Kaipara District Council.


Where can I find information about using electricity safely around my home?

Check out our safety section for advice regarding safety at your home.

In addition, Worksafe New Zealand have some great advice about safe living with electricity, including safety around electrical appliances, cords and plugs, lighting and wiring and recreational safety. Visit the Worksafe New Zealand website for further information.