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Critical risk controls for working at heights

Implementation date: 2023
Project partners: Safeworx

Mitigating the risks

Working at heights poses significant risks in the electricity supply industry. To mitigate these risks, Northpower developed the Ladder Anchor System with Fall Restraint (LASv2), a practical and innovative solution designed to secure ladders and prevent falls during maintenance work.

The LASv2 is a simple yet effective safety innovation designed to secure ladders at ground level before climbing, eliminating the need to ascend untethered. It includes anchor straps to secure the ladder to utility poles, towers, or structures, along with a harness, fall arrest rope, and fall arrest device for added safety. The system provides a secure and stable installation for extension ladders, enhancing worker confidence and safety during ascent and descent.

Keeping our people safe

Our substation teams extensively use the LASv2 for maintenance work. Feedback from our staff in the field has confirmed its effectiveness and practicality, especially in challenging conditions such as loose gravel surfaces or slippery concrete pads.

The LASv2 allows for safe and efficient one-person ladder erection, and is ideal for substation work, because the ladder is secured from the bottom before climbing to the top to secure the head rope. It also offers uninterrupted fall protection throughout the climbing process, ensuring our people stay safe in all conditions.

The solution

The LASv2 has uninterrupted fall protection because people are secured before and during climbing, ensuring continuous safety. The ladder is also quick and simple to set up from ground level, and is suitable for use in all types of ground conditions and weather. The most important feature is the ladder’s safety and stability, which gives our people confidence to safely achieve maintenance tasks.

Our LASv2 exemplifies practical innovation aimed at enhancing safety and efficiency in the electricity supply industry. By addressing the critical risks associated with working at heights, we continue to prioritise the wellbeing of our people while ensuring the successful completion of maintenance tasks.