Contracting Capabilities

Northpower provides contracting services across the North Island including engineering, infrastructure management and maintenance and construction.

Utilities Disputes Ltd

A free and independent complaints resolution service for electricity users

Northpower aims to address and resolve any complaints you may have about our electricity services within 20 working days.

However if you’ve talked to us and we cannot agree on a resolution, you can ask the independent body Utilities Disputes Ltd to look into your complaint and assist with mediation.

Talk to us first

In the first instance, we want to help resolve your issue. Often a quick chat with us may be all that is required to resolve your concerns.

Our staff can help record your complaint and will forward it to our Feedback Co-ordinator. They will take personal responsibility for ensuring your complaint is investigated promptly and resolved as quickly and fairly as possible.

We aim to resolve all formal complaints within 20 days.

What if my complaint isn't resolved?

If your complaint isn’t resolved by us to your satisfaction, you can ask Utilities Disputes –  to look into it if one of these conditions is met:

  • The complaint is not resolved by the end of 20 working days of our receiving it (or 40 if we have extended the timeframe to allow for more time to investigate)
  • We’ve made it clear to you that we do not intend to do anything about your complaint
  • You believe you would suffer unreasonable harm from waiting any longer for a response from the provider
  • You believe it would otherwise be unjust to wait any longer
  • Utilities Disputes provides a free dispute resolution service for customers who have a complaint about providers in the utilities sector. They are independent and do not act as an advocate for either party.

Learn more about how Utilities Disputes works

Find out more about Utilities Disputes

For further information about Utilities Disputes Ltd please visit their website.