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New connections & alterations

We're here to help your business get connected

If you’re building new premises or relocating and need a new power supply, it’s important to make sure your electricity connections are all sorted so you don’t experience any downtime. If you’re making changes to existing buildings, such as warehouses or offices, you may also need our help with moving meter boxes and other connections.

Let us know ahead of time about your plans so we can help you make any changes as easy as possible. Our first job is to check there is capacity on the network for your new or altered connection, and to also ensure legal access.

We’ll then work with you to ensure the connection is made to the correct supply point, the correct phasing is used and network fusing is available. Below is a step by step guide so you know what’s required.

1 - Join an energy retailer

You’ll need to contact an energy retailer to set up an account if you’re not already a customer. You can find a list of retailers at Powerswitch.

If you’re already an existing or recent customer of an energy retailer, you’ll need to contact them to advise the new address you’d like connected. 

2 - Apply for a new electricity connection

You can apply for a new electricity connection here. If you need help, your electrician can complete the form on your behalf. Before you get started you’ll need:

  • Bill payer contact details – if there is a cost associated with this work then the quote and invoice will be issued to this person
  • Electrician contact details
  • Electricity retailer name, account holder contact details and consumer number (found on your electricity bill)

If power to boundary is required, a Northpower approved contractor will need to undertake the work.

3 - We'll process your application within 10 working days

We’ll assess your requirements, and get back to you within 10 working days to let you know if:

  • there’s a suitable connection available and you can proceed, or
  • further work is required to make a connection available, or
  • further network design and construction work is required on Northpower’s network to enable your connection

Once you’re able to proceed, we’ll issue you with an ICP (installation control point) number, so you can contact your retailer and arrange metering and quote this ICP number. We’ll also supply this ICP number to your retailer. When your electrician is ready to liven your connection, they can make an appointment time with your chosen contractor to arrange the meter and liven your connection. If power is available at the boundary this service takes around 10 working days. If your request is urgent please contact us.

4 - Additional network design or works needed?

If your connection is more complex for any reason, and further network design/works are required, we’ll provide you with a quote that outlines these works, and also what you’ll need to contribute to the costs of these works.

Some businesses have much more complicated needs than a standard home, which means sometimes extra work is required. While Northpower is responsible for maintaining the network, it is the responsibility of landowners to cover the costs of any new network infrastructure that is specific only to their property. Work can commence once you’ve accepted our quote and made payment.

5 - Network connection and livening

Construction of your service main (private cable/line) can be done by your electrician. When your connection is ready to proceed, you’ll need to organise a service request with your chosen energy retailer for metering to be installed by their metering contractors.

Some meter installers are also Northpower approved contractors and are able to inspect, connect and liven to the network. Your electrician will certify your service main and also organise for the connection to be inspected and livened to the network. This can only be done by a Northpower approved contractor. Your electrician and the Northpower approved contractor will schedule an inspection of the work, connect and liven. At this point your energy retailer will begin billing you for your electricity.

Download our customer guide to getting connected

Customer guide to getting power connected

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Application fees FAQs

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