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Preparing for planned outages

Preparation is the key to success

For many of our connected business customers across the Whangārei and Kaipara districts, a power outage can have a significant impact on trading and revenue. We work really hard to keep our network maintained to a high standard to limit unnecessary outages.

However, sometimes we need to plan outages to your business in order to complete this maintenance, and there are other times when weather and other uncontrolled events lead to power outages. We want you to be as prepared as possible for such events.

Planned outages

When there is going to be a planned outage in your area, we do our very best to notify all businesses by email, through media channels and sometimes also with direct phone calls.

You can also view our current list of planned outages here.

You’ll need to think about everything in your business that is driven or controlled by power, such as security doors and systems, lifts and payment systems. Find out from your suppliers ahead of times if any of your systems or equipment has in-built back-up power or if you’ll need a back up generator.

Back up power options

If your business relies on uninterrupted power, especially for medical equipment, we recommend you install a generator to ensure essential services remain operational, including equipment, security doors, lifts and emergency lighting.

Having a generator can give you peace of mind that important services, such as security equipment and computers, can continue running. If you do have a generator, it’s important to run it and have it serviced regularly, to ensure the fuel is clean.

Your security systems

Many businesses have security systems that may not work without power, such as security access doors and garage doors. Part of your planning may include hiring security guards, especially if you consider this to be a high risk situation.

If you have lifts in your building, make sure to put up signage and notify people that lifts will not work during a power outage. Ensure lifts are locked off prior to planned outages to prevent people from being trapped. Ensure your evacuation plan includes an alternative for those unable to use the stairs while the lifts are inoperable during an outage.

For larger buildings, we also recommend installing emergency automatic charging lights in common access ways, hallways, fire escape routes etc.

Medical dependency

If you are running a hospital or any other facility or business where people are medically dependent on electricity, or are vulnerable, please make sure you have plans in place to support their care during an outage. This may include back-up battery-operated medical equipment or plans to relocate these people before a power outage.

Talk to us about any specific needs and concerns you have so these can be addressed during our planning stages.


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