Contracting Capabilities

Northpower provides contracting services across the North Island including engineering, infrastructure management and maintenance and construction.

Our fibre network

Why fibre?

As the speed of internet access increases, so does the technology. Northpower Fibre’s open access fibre-optic network allows for retail service providers to connect and introduces true competition into the local telecommunications marketplace.

Fibre delivers the bandwidth and reliability at a price relative to your current services. It’ll immediately improve your connectivity today and have you geared up for the future.

Get connected to the fastest internet in town!

Here’s how to get connected to Northpower fibre!

Once you have Northpower fibre available in your street, you can connect by talking to a retail service provider (RSP) who provides and charges you for the fibre internet.

The fibre can be connected overhead from a power pole or run underground from your property boundary. Whichever way the fibre ‘drop’ is delivered, it will extend to what’s called an external termination point (ETP), (a small box fixed to the outside wall).

Handy guidance booklets

You and your fibre network

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How to get the very best out of your fibre connection

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What happens on the day of installation?

Overhead installations

The installer will arrive at your property and discuss with you what will be the best location to have your equipment installed – including the optical network terminal (ONT).

The fibre will be then installed from the power pole to your property and then to the nominated location on your premise.

Underground connections

A “scoping” visit will decide the best route for the fibre to follow underground and will also discuss with you where you would like the interior equipment installed. The best internal route for the fibre will then be planned.

The second appointment will be for the underground civil works to be completed. The crew will install ducting from the roadside to your property. You don’t need to be home when this work happens.

The final step is for the installers to deploy the fibre to your property through your recently installed ducting and complete the internal installation of the fibre equipment, including the ONT, in the agreed location. In some cases they will set up the router/modem/residential gateway and integrate the internal telephone wiring, if required. Someone needs to be home when this work takes place.

What we supply

Northpower Fibre supplies the ETP, ONT and external cabling from the street and our responsibility stops at the ONT.

All other cables and equipment are the responsibility of you and your fibre retailer.

Moving your overhead fibre lines to underground

If you’re considering converting your overhead fibre line to an underground connection, please contact us to discuss your options.

Closer, connected and competitive


Fibre optic broadband speed is typically 10-50 times faster than services delivered over copper. That means faster upload and download speeds with crisper, clearer and sharper video calls.


Fibre optic is available 99.99% of the time and isn’t affected by rain, bad weather or the number of other users on the network.


You’ll always be connected to the rest of the world. You can live in beautiful Northland and easily connect for work around the globe – or make it personal and stay in touch with family across New Zealand and overseas.

Are you a retail service provider?

Here are links to the documents relating to the ultra-fast fibre broadband partnership entered into between Northpower Fibre and Crown Fibre Holdings (on behalf of the government).

Frequently asked questions about fibre

  • video conferencing (business to business, home to home, home to school)
  • new advanced TV services such as 3D and high definition services
  • home wide area network, allowing multiple homes to easily store, access and share large amounts of data information such as video or photos
  • cloud computing for office applications, online backup and file syncing
  • telehealth and education applications in the home
  • remote working from home
  • future applications and services

Fibre broadband connections are available from the entry level of 30/10Mbs right up to 10/10Gps. Fibre is reliable and is many times faster than the older copper wire based broadband system.

Please discuss with your fibre retailer what plan best suits your budget and needs.

In the home, services such as fax, security alarms, medical alarms, digital TV connections – which run over copper today – can generally be configured by your service provider to operate with fibre broadband.

It’s worth thinking about fibre broadband services before you re-sign with your current service provider, and ask your retailer if they offer fibre services.

Retail service providers set retail prices, not Northpower Fibre. Retail fibre prices for the residential market are generally the same, or lower than for services over copper, but for a far superior service. Premium services may attract a higher price.

Residential premises, businesses, healthcare and education facilities throughout a number of Whangārei and Kaipara towns. You can view fibre availability here.

From Northpower Fibre to the retail service provider there are no connection fees for standard residential installations. However, retailers set the retail prices, so please contact them for pricing.

Yes – that is why our fibre network is classed as open access and why so many retailers are offering services. So you may be able to source particular applications from a number of different retail service providers over your fibre connection.

There are many retailers providing fibre broadband services over the Northpower fibre network. Your chosen retail service provider will sign you up and then put the order through to us to install fibre to your property.

The Commerce Commission

Learn more about fibre by reading the latest Measuring Broadband New Zealand report on the Commerce Commission website.

The Commerce Commission also has some helpful beginner information sheets on getting the best from your broadband connection. They cover topics such as how to spot any issues which might be affecting your broadband performance, how to test your broadband speed, getting the best from your WiFi, and choosing the best plan and provider for you.