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Ashnil Datt: Prove them wrong

In December 2019 Northpower recruited fourteen people to undertake an engineering cadetship program that would lead them to gaining their New Zealand Diploma in Engineering.

The cadets were assigned across the Northpower regions receiving theory and on-the-job work experience across as many departments as practicable.

One of those cadets was Ashnil Datt, who has now successfully completed the National Diploma in Electrical Engineering Level 6 (power) through the Northpower/Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) Cadetship program. Recently Ashnil was asked by MIT to tell his story about the journey he took to graduating and what his future now looks like, this is what Ashnil had to say:

“My advice, just do it. You will succeed.”

“I’m just a kid from South Auckland who has always been portrayed as the guy with no future from everyone around me. I was even asked to drop out of high school as my teachers saw no academic hope in me but at the end of the day as long as you truly believe in yourself you can literally accomplish anything in this world. So, I highly recommend anyone who thinks they’re ‘too dumb’ to be an engineer to just go for it, cancel out the noise, put in the work, and put in hours and I promise you, your success will speak for itself.

I attended high school through to the end of year 12. At the start of year 13, I decided to leave school to study the Electrical Engineering Certificate (Level 3) at MIT. This helped me into the electrical industry which ultimately helped me secure an Electrical Engineering cadetship with Northpower – where I gained practical experience out on the field whilst completing my electrical engineering diploma, specialising in power. MIT was a great experience for me – both in the diploma I completed through the Northpower cadetship, as well as my certificate in electrical engineering.

The MIT qualification gave me the much-needed knowledge and experience to get myself in the door and start my journey as an upcoming engineer. Relating the practical side with the theoretical was a breeze with the support I received from MIT. I still use my skills and knowledge from MIT on a daily basis to perform my daily work tasks.

These aren’t just skills I’ve learned to get a qualification but in fact, they are skills that I will use throughout my whole career.”

I’m now a Graduate Design Estimator responsible for electrical distribution design, estimating, tendering, and pricing for customer-initiated projects.

My role involves developing electrical design and liaising with multiple internal and external stakeholders to ensure the designs are feasible. The typical projects I am regularly involved with include supplying power at proposed new subdivisions, distribution network upgrades, downgrades, and new capacity projects on Vector’s network in Auckland.

I really want to set an example and inspire the upcoming generation and really show them that anything is possible. My ultimate goal is to be an experienced leader in the industry and head into more complex roles such as project management.

The electrical industry is a never-ending profession and the career progressions available are endless. The challenges you will face throughout your career will only help you grow as a person.”

Thank you Ashnil for sharing your courageous journey!