Contracting Capabilities

Northpower provides contracting services across the North Island including engineering, infrastructure management and maintenance and construction.

Results for Northpower Electric Power Trust election

Northpower Electric Power Trust electoral officer Dale Ofsoske advises that Erc ANGELO, Irene DURHAM, Phil HEATLEY, Tim WILSON, and Paul YOVICH have been elected as trustees to the Northpower Electric Power Trust following an election which concluded at midday Saturday 26 November 2022. 

Final results

Candidate: Votes Received:

  • ANGELO, Erc 9582
  • DURHAM, Irene 11982
  • FUREY, Mark 3104
  • HEATLEY, Phil 10555
  • SAVAGE, Tony John 4375
  • SOLOMON, Alec 5054
  • WILSON, Tim 5172
  • YOVICH, Paul 8252

There were 45 informal votes and 19 blank votes returned.

The voter turnout at the close of voting today was 21.38%, which compares to the 2019 election turnout of 24.09%.

For more information please contact the electoral office, Northpower Electric Power Trust, telephone 0800 922 822.