Contracting Capabilities

Northpower provides contracting services across the North Island including engineering, infrastructure management and maintenance and construction.

Work starts on Mangawhai Substation

Late last month Northpower, along with local hapu, blessed the site where a brand-new substation will be constructed in the heart of Mangawhai Central.

Steady population growth in Mangawhai means an increased need for more infrastructure including electricity, so Northpower is building a substation to increase supply capacity and reliability in the area.

Investing into Northland

Northpower CEO Andrew McLeod says, “the new substation is a material investment for Northpower, and one of a number of staged investments being made to support ongoing growth and development in the area. We see development in the area as positive for the North, and we are keen to do our bit to make that future possible.”

“In completing projects of this type, it is important to Northpower that we work closely with local hapu to appropriately acknowledge the history of the site, and the changing nature of its use. Te Uri O Hau have been guiding us through this process at Mangawhai and have been extremely generous with their time, advice and support,” McLeod says.

Mangawhai was once a small seaside settlement, but that has changed significantly over the years, with steady rates of growth. It is now a community with many full-time residents, schools and commercial areas.

Northpower’s 15-megawatt substation is being built within the Mangawhai Central development area and will initially support 1500 homes and businesses with capacity for many more. It has been designed to fit in with the surroundings, consisting of a modern tilt slab building to house all the electrical equipment. From the outside, the substation will look modern and fresh with landscaping designed to blend into the surrounding development. The substation will be completed early next year.

The substation will be built with room to grow and includes space to house an additional transformer of 15 megawatts, which means as Mangawhai grows, we can expand our capacity,” McLeod says.

Local contractors will work alongside Northpower on the construction of the new Mangawhai substation.