Contracting Capabilities

Northpower provides contracting services across the North Island including engineering, infrastructure management and maintenance and construction.

New developments

Advice if you're subdividing land

If you’re subdividing land and looking to add electricity and fibre services to your project, there’s a few things to consider.

We can help with guiding you through the process, advise where you’ll need to liaise with local authorities for consenting requirements and details of relevant guides and standards you’ll need to follow to ensure our network remains safe and reliable for all our customers.


Let's get your project started!

A good place to start is to download our customer initiated works standard. This outlines the steps involved in amending, extending or upgrading our electricity network to enable your electricity connection.

You’ll find details of all activities from the initial application, preliminary and detailed design stages, network approvals and conditions (including technical, commercial and legal requirements), construction of works, quality assurance and property/easement matters.

It’s also a great time to also consider installing fibre broadband infrastructure at your development.

If you’re ready to begin, then you can get underway by filling out our online application form, or contact us to speak directly with one of our friendly technical experts about your project.

Developer guides and standards

To ensure our electricity network remains safe, reliable and robust for all our users, we have a number of standards which developers are required to adhere to.

Here are our developers guides and standards


Council requirements

Reticulated electricity and telecommunications supply need to be provided to the boundary of each lot.

Where the proposed land usage doesn’t require electricity and telecommunications supply or it’s uneconomic to do so, a no supply covenant may be registered on the title. Where applicable, electrical and telecommunications easements shall be registered over new and existing electrical or fibre optic reticulation to ensure the security of supply.

For further details please visit:

Whangārei District Council Environmental Engineering Standards Section 8

Kaipara District Council Engineering Standards Section 10 – Network Utilities

Resource Consent Clearance requirements

If you’re subdividing land and applying for resource consent from your local council, you’ll need to get a Resource Consent Clearance from us as part of your application.

A Resource Consent advises Whangārei District Council or Kaipara District Council that there’s access and connection to the Northpower electricity network available from your land, as required by council.

Please complete a new subdivision application with us and we’ll then let you know of any resource consent requirements for your subdivision.

To have the electrical reticulation completed, please refer to the list of network approved contractors who can perform these works and select a contractor to complete the design/quotation/installation and livening of your proposed reticulation.

Please add your selected contractor in your online application.

We actively monitor progress and provide approvals to continue through all stages as your selected contractor carries out the work to completion.

Once the subdivision is complete, we’ll confirm that a satisfactory electricity supply has been provided and all relevant electricity or telecommunication easements are in place.


Vesting is where reticulation and equipment is transferred over to Northpower ownership. This means we’ll take over the responsibility for it, including ongoing inspections and maintenance.

Your chosen network approved contactor will provide you with the required documents and details to do this.

Please also see information on our Capital Contribution Policy.


Considering fibre?

If you’re looking to put ultra-fast fibre broadband in at your development or new subdivision, we can help with the design and installation of a network and connection to Northpower Fibre.