Contracting Capabilities

Northpower provides contracting services across the North Island including engineering, infrastructure management and maintenance and construction.

Transporting high loads

Keeping safe if you're transporting high loads

If you’re planning to move a tall structure such as a house or a boat that’s over 4.25 metres, you’ll need a high load permit.

It’s important to obtain one as you could be liable for repair costs if there is any damage occuring to our network.

How to apply for a high load permit

Please fill out our high load transport request at least five working days before you are transporting your load.

We’ll then process your application and advise what assistance we’ll provide, along with any applicable charges. 

Please note, if we need to temporarily disconnect any lines on our network, a 15 day notice period is required so we can inform customers who’ll be affected. 

Operating conditions advice from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

You can find further information on driving overdimension vehicles, including overdimension operating requirements for excess height on the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency website.