Contracting Capabilities

Northpower provides contracting services across the North Island including engineering, infrastructure management and maintenance and construction.


We can help arrange a temporary or permanent disconnection

If you’re working around your home and need a temporary disconnection for safety, or require a more permanent disconnection when removing or demolishing a building, here’s what to do.

Arrange a temporary (safety) disconnection

We can help you arrange a temporary power disconnection to work safely if you’re doing outdoor home maintenance or repairs like roofing, spouting, painting and water blasting, DIY electrical work, tree trimming or installing scaffolding anywhere near power lines.

In most cases, it’s free to have power disconnected between Monday to Friday 7.30am to 4pm if you get in touch at least two working days prior so we can process your request.

Please provide us with;

  • your name and contact number
  • the address of the property where the disconnection will happen
  • the ICP (Installation Control Point) number of the property where the disconnection will happen (you can find your ICP number on the meter box or on your power bill.)
  • the date and time you would like the power to be disconnected and then reconnected

If you need a safety disconnection urgently, after hours, on a weekend or a public holiday please contact us. Please note that a charge applies for this service.

Switching the power back on

When applying for a temporary disconnection service, we need to know the date and time you’d like your disconnection actioned and when you want your power reconnected. We’ll contact you to advise when we can complete your request.

If any electrical work has been carried out, we’ll need to see the electrical certificate of compliance from your electrician before we turn the power back on.

Sometimes an inspection will be required, however, we’ll let you know if this is required when you make your temporary disconnection booking.

Arrange a permanent disconnection

If you need power to be permanently disconnected, your energy retailer can help. This includes:

  • demolishing or removing a building
  • vacant houses or baches
  • farm equipment that’s only used seasonally

You’ll need to give the energy retailer your ICP (Installation Control Point) number which can be found in the meter box or on your power bill.

They’ll then authorise one of the following approved contractors to carry out the work.

Approved permanent disconnection contractors

2 Ducks Contracting
Phone 021 623 127

Bright Power
Phone 021 623 127

MEC Electric
Phone 021 468 855

Northland Power Services
Phone 021 195 6099

Disconnections of six months or more

If your power has been disconnected for six months or more, then legally the electrical connection at your property will need to be inspected before reconnection can occur.

This includes temporary builder’s supplies, pumps, cowsheds and houses or baches.

Getting electricity reconnected

Here’s how to get your electricity reconnected if you’ve moved house, have an overdue bill, or after a permanent disconnection.

Image of people moving home requiring a new electricity connection

Moving house

Find out more about connecting electricity when moving house here.

Overdue accounts

If your electricity has been disconnected because of an overdue account, you’ll need to make payment arrangements with your energy retailer.

They’ll then contact us to arrange a reconnection.

After a permanent disconnection

If your electricity has been disconnected for longer than six months, you’ll need to organise an inspection for a Certificate of Verification (COV) to be issued. Any qualified electrician or inspector can inspect the wiring and provide a COV.

The COV needs to be shown to the Northpower approved contractor when you’re ready to liven the connection.

If you’re unsure how long your power has been disconnected, either Northpower or your electricity retailer can advise how long the power has been disconnected and whether you’ll need an inspection.

Please contact your preferred electricity retailer to create an account, request a reconnection, and advise them that a Certificate of Verification has been arranged.

They’ll then arrange for us to visit your property, sight the COV and reconnect the power.

If you’re using a Northpower inspector for your COV work, they’ll be able reconnect the power as soon as it passes, provided we’ve received the reconnection request from your electricity retailer.

Can I do my own electrical work at home?

The law does allow homeowners to do certain electrical work if they comply with the following national standards: 

NZECP:50 Repair of Domestic Electrical Equipment  

NZECP:51 Electrical Wiring Work in Domestic Premises   

We strongly recommend however that you use a licensed electrician unless you have previous experience.  

Installing your own wiring or fixing appliances is not as simple as it may seem and puts you at risk of electric shock or causing a fire. You should also comply with the following safety precautions:

  • make sure the power is turned off by organising a temporary (safety) disconnection service
  • carry out proper safety tests
  • do not connect the wiring yourself – this must be done by an electrical inspector
  • do not work on mains or main switchboards – a licensed electrician must do this

Keep safe around our networks

Visit our safety hub to learn about how to keep safe around our networks while at home, doing the mahi (work) or out and about in beautiful Northland.