Contracting Capabilities

Northpower provides contracting services across the North Island including engineering, infrastructure management and maintenance and construction.

Planning to build or move?

Get power and fibre internet connected at your place

If you’re looking to build a house or move in Whangārei or Kaipara, there’s a few steps involved in getting an electricity and fibre broadband connection.

Learn more about how we can help get your power and fibre internet connected and what to do when moving to a new property.

Planning to build?

Getting a new electricity or fibre connection is simple – just fill out our online connection application form to get things started.

It’s a good idea to do this early in your project so that we can work through any designs or works required without holding up your project.

Getting power connected

It’s generally a three-step process to get connected:

Step one: Connection application and network assessment

  • Complete our online connection application form
  • We’ll assess your connection requirements, and get back to you within 10 working days of your application, and let you know if:
    • there is a suitable connection available, and you can proceed, OR
    • further network design and work is required to enable your connection to proceed
  • When you’re able to proceed we’ll issue you with an ICP number. You can then contact call your electricity retailer to arrange metering and quote this ICP number. Northpower will also supply this ICP number to your retailer

Step two: Network design and construction (where required)

If further network design/works is required, our contracting division will provide a quote and you’ll need to contribute to the costs of these works. Once the quote is accepted and paid, the work can begin.

Step three: Network connection and livening

  • Construction of your service (private cable / line) can be done by your electrician
  • When your connection is ready to proceed, please organise with your chosen retailer for metering to be installed by their metering contractors. This can be organised by you or your electrician. Some meter installers are also able to inspect, connect and liven to the network
  • Your electrician will certify your service main and also organise for the connection to be inspected and livened to the network. This can only be done by a Northpower approved contractor
  • More detailed information can be found in our Customer Guide To Getting Power Connected.

Getting fibre broadband connected

Our ultra-fast fibre network is in reach of more than 40,000 Northlanders.

Learn more about how to join Northpower Fibre and get connected.

Planning to move house?

If you’re on the move, you can arrange to take your power and fibre connections with you to your new place, your retailer can help you with this

The key to make everything run smoothly is to plan in advance and advise your energy and fibre retailer as soon as you can to avoid any service interruptions.

Getting power connected at your new place

If you’re moving house and need to arrange for the power to be connected, you’ll need to get in touch with an energy retailer and sign up as a customer first.

If you’re already a customer, your energy retailer can move your account to your new home.

Browse a list of energy retailers in your area on the Powerswitch website.

Getting fibre connected at your new place

Contact your internet service provider and request for a Northpower Fibre connection at your new place.

  • If you aren’t already connected, please choose a retailer. You can also compare the best plan for you on the Broadbandcompare website
  • It’s important to leave your current fibre box wall equipment (ONT) and it’s power cable behind, but please take your modem with you
  • If your new property is already fibre ready but missing the power cable for your fibre box/ONT you can request a replacement by contacting us
  • If you’re planning on renovating at your new place and want to change the location of your fibre equipment, please contact your internet service provider for a quote
  • For all other queries, please reach out to your internet service provider.

Visit our advice hub

We’ve got loads of useful advice and tips on using power and fibre efficiently, the latest in renewable energy and keeping safe around our networks.